Rent Or Own

Renting Vs Owning Costs In February 2020

Renting Statistics

  • 1,630/mo

    Median Rent In Las Vegas: December 2019

  • 0

    Tax Savings

  • 1,630/mo

    No Tax Adjustments

  • 21 Months

    Break Even Time For $300,000 Mortgage

  • 33,960

    Total Money Paid For Rent

Owning Statistics

  • 1,848.13

    Payment on a $300,000 Mortgage w/PMI

  • 192.47/mo

    Monthly Tax Savings

  • 1,656

    Tax Adjusted Payment

  • 21 Months

    Time For Break Even Point

  • 33,524.43

    Break Even Point W/5% Down Payment

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Should You Rent Or Own Your Home?

Owning means equity: 

Imagine playing the game of Monopoly and your plan on how you’re going to win. You already know going into your plan you cannot win if you don’t buy. Well, the same is the case with real life. Timing is always the obstacle when deciding when to buy your home but you can always plan to make a good choice. The way you should view buying a home is to invest into your future. We can take your current finances and help you make the best decision for your next home! 

Renting is great for homeowners because that means their mortgage payment is getting made every month. After 30 years of this, they now have a paid off property that can be sold at any time and used for a retirement or they can keep renting it for passive monthly income. It’s not a question on whether or not buying a house is a good idea; the question is when is the best time to buy a house? 

When we say the “right time to buy” a home, we mean the right time for you to buy a home. If you just bought expensive vehicles or just started a new job, it may not be a good time for you to buy. Every situation is treated on an individual basis because some situations are more optimal than others. A well qualified buyer will typically have 2+ years of similar employment, a good FICO in the 600’s and also a reasonable debt-to-income ratio. There are so many ways to buy a home and we would like to help you make the best decision for you. You may not have to pay rent again!