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Rent to Own

Another Road To Home Ownership

How it Works:

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Rent to Own is a great option for those that do not quite have the down payment they’d like saved up or simply do not want to commit to owning a home. Whatever your reasons for not wanting to own, we completely understand! But, what if there was a type of hybrid where you can have the option to buy if you’d like the property. This gives you a chance to capture some of that appreciation gaines you may have missed out on in the past. It also gives you the option to not go through with the purchase and treat it as a rental! So what exactly is it and how does it work? Here are some ways below:

  • Owner will carry: some homeowners are willing to sell their homes by making payments directly to them.
  • Third party: some companies will actually buy the home you want and rent it back to you through a private program. 
  • Private lenders: there’s some lenders that have private products to help more people qualify to buy a home.

Fill out a form and we will reach out and see what we can get going for you! One of our rent to own specialists will call you shortly to get some more information and tell you more about the program details.